How can a divorce coach help you?

We have life coaches and business coaches and fitness coaches - someone to help us make so many aspects of our lives better. While divorce can be traumatic and overwhelming, it's ultimately about two people trying to make their lives, and often their childrens’ lives, better.

This is where I come in. As a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® and a CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®, I’m here to get you on the path of living an intentional post-divorce life, and I’ll be with you along every step of the way.

From co-parenting to dispute resolution, real estate issues and even to dating after divorce, navigating the intricacies of creating two distinct lives out of a shared one is complex. It’s my business to make sure your divorce goes as smoothly as possible. Ideally, it will be more an amicable parting of ways, or at least a collaborative effort to be better, not the ugly divorce stereotypes you see all around you.

Let’s focus on your future and overcome the overwhelm of divorce. Let’s move you toward being the person you want and need to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I have a lawyer. Why do I need a divorce coach?

Divorce is a legal business transaction. It’s a business alright. The Family Law & Divorce Lawyers & Attorneys industry is expected to generate $11.3 Billion in 2022. [link] At an average $500 per hour, even a short email exchange could wring a couple hundred dollars from your wallet. With the help of a divorce coach, I can help guide your divorce decisions, conflict conversations, and help you be a more efficient, educated, and credible attorney client. Thus, you will spend less time and fewer dollars with an attorney.

Do you work with both parents at the same time?

My specialty is working with a dad or mom individually so their ripple effects help the kids and the entire family ends up benefiting from there. The end goal of my work is to have happy kids in two homes.

Is a divorce coach a therapist?

A divorce coach is someone on your divorce team focused on your future, starting over, and transitioning into your new life. Arguably anyone going through a divorce would benefit from a divorce coach’s help. Therapists and counselors perform a much different role that maybe not every person going through divorce needs. A therapist’s role is more about uncovering issues from your past and working through them.

How can I best help my kids through the divorce and afterwards?

A divorce coach helps their clients in thinking through the new challenges the family is going through, things like:

  • Help parents stay focused on the best decisions for the good of the children.
  • Help parents avoid displaying conflict or animosity in front of children – and maybe even give it up for the sake of the children and their roles as co-parents. CONFLICT tears kids apart, NOT Divorce!
  • Help parents think through each of the areas which are relevant to their situation and need definition in the Parenting Plan.
  • Help parents establish healthy ways to communicate about the children.
  • Recommend best practices and apps for communication between parents.
  • Identify good exchange protocols where everyone is polite (how you might greet a clerk in the store).
  • Develop parameters for children to communicate with the other parent.
  • Help parents develop an immediate time-sharing schedule and map it out so all can see.


5 Tips for a Healthier

Emotional Future After Divorce

Emotions Can Be Overwhelming!

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Divorce Can Be A New Beginning!

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